Licensed Vendor Tool Box


Step 1

When anyone at the University contacts you for an order, please fill out the Product Request Form with information regarding the requested order and submit to Licensing and Brand Management through Brand Manager 360 with appropriate art work.

Step 2

As a licensed vendor, you are responsible for paying a royalty to the university in exchange for having the right to produce university marks. The only exemption to royalties is for products purchased with university dollars. However, if the merchandise is for resale, including within a group or department or as a fundraiser, royalties must be paid. When royalties apply, please include them in the cost of the product.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Beginning July 1, 2024 royalties will no longer be waived for products purchased with university dollars. For more information visit

Step 3

While developing artwork, please review these guidelines:

Email with any questions during the process to make sure the project is not held up with revisions.

Step 4

Submit final art design and product request from through BrandManager360 for approval.

Licensing and Brand Management will not approve art that doesn’t have a corresponding Product Request Form.

      University & Unit Signatures

      Please note, the signatures were moved from Box to SharePoint in July 2021. Please update your bookmarks with the link below. If you have trouble accessing files, please email

      Additional Guidelines

      • All designs must follow the guidelines for the person or group ordering (see guidelines above).
      • The stacked MU, Tiger Marks and Truman the Tiger mascot mark are approved for use.
      • Custom designs may be created as long as an appropriate University Signature, Unit Signature or Merchandise Mark is included in a separate imprint area on the apparel item.
      • The logos cannot be altered, tampered with, modified, incorporated into other marks, or overprinted with other words or design elements.
      • Use of a current student athlete’s name, image or likeness can be used, but you must have an NIL license in order to produce product using NIL of a student athlete and Missouri trademarks. If you would like to product products using only an athlete’s NIL, you must work directly with the athlete.  For more information, please email
      • Designs cannot use trademarks from other entities or derivatives of those marks.
      • No use of the university’s name or logo may be approved in connection with the promotion of alcohol, tobacco, firearms or other drugs or in connection with pornography or other forms of expression limited by law.
      • The design of apparel and certain promotional products must be specific to the School/College/Dept. and/or event in order to limit the commercial appeal and minimize the cannibalism of the existing retail market.
      • View identity guidelines for the University of Missouri Logos and Unit Signatures.
      • Unit Signatures for campus departments, schools and colleges should be used on merchandise and can be downloaded from Sharepoint.

      Example of Unit Signature


      Merchandise Mark and Small Imprints

      A merchandise mark is an alternate version of a unit signature, for use on internal and promotional goods with restrictive imprint requirements. The proportional relationship between the stacked MU logo and the unit name is adjusted, and the university wordmark is removed.

      Unit names may also be simplified as appropriate. These marks are intended for use only when a standard unit signature cannot be reproduced effectively due to size or application restrictions.

      To avoid confusion and misuse, merchandise marks are not provided to campus units. Licensees who feel that a merchandise mark is necessary should submit a request, including item imprint specifications, to Licensees may not alter unit signature artwork — only original files provided by Licensing & Brand Management are acceptable for use.

      Some items have extra-small imprint areas that will not accommodate either a standard unit signature or a merchandise mark (e.g. writing pens, lapel pins, USB drives, etc.). The stacked MU may be used without text on these items, but royalties may apply to internal and promotional goods. Alternatively, the university or unit name may be used without the stacked MU logo.

      Contact Information

      Licensing and Brand Management
      Sonja Derboven,
      Jessica Church,
      Clint McMillen,

      Mizzou Identity & Brand

      MU Health Care Marketing and Branding

      Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC)
      Jenny Wallace, | Book a meeting with Jenny

      Book Meeting with CLC Licensing Team

      Additional Resources

      Internal Campus Art Sheet (PDF)

      CLC Internal Request Quick Reference (PDF)

      Product Request Form Submission (PDF) Updated May 2024

      Royalty Resources

      Royalty Calculation (PDF) Added May 2024

      Royalty Upload Template (Excel) Added May 2024

      2024 Vendor Training Presentations

      Mizzou Licensed Vendor Training (PDF) Updated May 2024

      CLC Licensee Training Presentation (PDF) Updated May 2024

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